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German researchers claimed to figured out the Eye evolutionary history

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    German researchers claimed to figured out the "Eye" evolutionary history

    Hey guys;

    There is an article on slashdot about German researchers that have claimed to have figured out the evolutionary history of the eye. Here is the quote from slashdot:

    Sox2 writes "SciScoop is running a story about researchers in Germany who claim to have solved the "mystery" surrounding the evolution of the mamalian eye. The work, published in Science, goes some way to answering the issues raised in the "intelligent design" debate that has become the mainstay of creationist thinking."

    The link to the research (I think):
    http://www.embl.org/aboutus/news/press/2004/press28oct04.html [Broken]

    I'm in a huge rush right now, so I haven't read the article. I have an ecology exam I'm not preparred for so I have to go do that:)

    BTW, here is a quote I read on slashdot that I liked:
    Anyway, take it easy!
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    This little post may get deleted for drifting into religion, but I can't resist quoting from the first of your links:

    That's just the way it was drummed into my head at church when I was a kid. We may have been poor blue-collar sorts compared to the upwardly-mobile liberal Christians such as the Episcopals, but by gosh, we could discern the truth! :tongue2:
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    Ohh.. now I get it. Never really understood why Christians were so against evolution.. cleared it up, thanks Janitor!

    I think it was only a matter of time before they found the eye's precusor cells. Even during my short stint in bioinformatics, there was a lot of similarity between proteins that have different functions. Its almost as if proteins are just permutations of each other... permutations, mutations, natural selection - all makes sense.
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    Today I caught part of Hank Hanegraaff's call-in Christian talk show, 'The Bible Answer Man.' A man who called to talk to Hank seemed to be implying that Paul was misogynistic. Part of Hank's rebuttal--and though I am going by memory, I think I have pegged his words precisely--was: "Darwinian evolution flies in the face of scientific laws... Darwin was both racist and sexist."
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    He was also a minister.. but I won't hold that against him :)
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