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I'm looking for someone who can give me a basic summary of the following text that was taken from a site about cycling and wheeled machine-type things. I don't need the full article translated, just give me the gist. I have a feeling that the company has declared bankruptcy, but did they shut down completely, are they still producing? Danke.

Ich hatte vor fast einem Jahr vom ersten Liegerad der Firma berichtet dem Tieffflieger

Bergwerk in der Insolvenz / (Radmarkt 30.03.05)

Bevor Bergwerk-Geschäftsführer Sükrü Gürses letzte Woche einen erbetenen telefonischen Rückruf des RadMarkts über die aktuelle Situation seines Unternehmens beantworten konnte, mußte die Ulmer High-end-Schmiede am 24. März Insolvenz anmelden.

Die Insolvenz wurde beim Amtsgericht Pforzheim eingereicht. Zum vorläufigen Insolvenzverwalter wurde der Karlsruher Rechtsanwalt Holger Blümle bestellt.

Der einst unter dem Namen Kraftwerk losgeradelte Bikeanbieter hatte sich Ende 1998 aus namensrechtlichen Gründen umbenennen mußte (die Kölner Band Kraftwerk hatte geklagt), was dem damaligen Verkauf seiner High-end-Bikes aber keinen Abbruch tat.

Als dann erste Probleme auftraten, soll Bergwerk laut Brancheninsidern noch Ende letzten Jahres versucht haben, seine hochwertigen Produkte mit einem Direktvertrieb besser in Szene zu setzen. Schon damals kam der RadMarkt leider nicht an genauere Informationen zu dieser Neuausrichtung heran. Dann tauchten zu Beginn dieses Jahres immer wieder Gerüchte über eine bevorstehende Bergwerk-Insolvenz auf, die sich jetzt leider bewahrheitet haben. Somit mußte ein weiterer auf High-end setzender kleiner, aber feiner deutscher Anbieter das Handtuch werfen. Wie und ob es überhaupt weitergeht, wird in den nächsten Wochen geklärt werden.
google transler came up with:

I had nearly one year ago of the first couch wheel of the company report to the Tieffflieger mine in the insolvency/(wheel market 30,03,05) before mine managing director Suekrue Guerses could answer last week a requested telephone recall of the wheel market over the current situation of his enterprise, had the Ulmer High end high-end-Schmiede on 24 March insolvency to announce. The insolvency was submitted with the district court Pforzheim. To the provisional insolvency manager the Karlsruher attorney Holger Bluemle was ordered. Once the Bikeanbieter losgeradelte under the name power station had itself at the end of of 1998 for named-legal reasons to rename had (had Cologne volumes the power station complained), what however no abort to the sales at that time of its High end Bikes did. When then first problems arose, mine was to have tried end of last yearly according to Brancheninsidern still to set its high-quality products with a direct sale better in scene. The wheel market did not approach already at that time unfortunately to more exact information to this reorientation. Then rumors emerged again and again over a forthcoming mine insolvency at the beginning of this yearly, which unfortunately proved to be true now. Thus a further had on High ends set smaller, but fine German offerer the towel to throw. How and whether it continues at all will be clarified, in the next weeks.


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"I had reported before almost a year of the first couch wheel of the firm the Tieffflieger

Mine in insolvency / (Radmarkt lit. Wheel Market (but probably Cycling Market), 30 March 05) {presumably a publication about cycling} - seems to be an article about the bankruptcy of a mining (manufacturing) company that has some business in cycling.

Before mine-manager Sükrü Gürses was able to answer last week a requested by telephone call back of the cycling market over the current situation of its business, the Ulmer High had to end register--smiths on the 24 March insolvency.

The insolvency was submitted in the district court Pforzheim. To the preliminary insolvency administrator, that was ordered Karlsruhe lawyer Holger Blümle.

That once under the name power plant losgeradelte Bike supplier (Bikeanbieter) end 1998 had rename had to end did itself out of name legal reasons (the Cologne volumes power plants had complained), what the at that time sale of its High--Bikes however no discontinuance.

When then first problems appeared, mine should have tried yet end of last year according to industries insider to set its high-value products with a direct marketing better in scene. Already at that time the wheel market did not approach unfortunately at more exact information to this realignment. Then rumors emerged at the beginning of this year again and again over an impending mine-insolvency, that verified itself now unfortunately. Therefore a further had to throw more setting on high-end smaller, but finer German bidder the towel. How and whether it goes on generally, will be cleared in the next weeks."

translation by - I'll have to wait to get my other more comprehensive dictionary.


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"Bergwerk" (a sort of word for mine) is the name of a German bycicle manufacturer, and that the auto-translaters don't get that. The company was formerly known as "Kraftwerk" but was sued by the band of the same name, and had to be renamed. According to the aticle, it's unclear what's going to happen:
The last sentence is approximately:
"How, and if, at all, things will continue will be seen in the next few weeks."

Man, I hate the 'Denglisch' stuff like 'bikeabieter' (literraly 'bike' offerer) and 'high-end-Schmide' (high-end-smithy).


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:rofl: I'm just loving the translations. :rofl: :rofl:

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