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German Universities

  1. Jun 9, 2009 #1
    Hey all,
    I am just writing to see if anyone has any thoughts on well repsected German universities that have a lot of international students attending them.

    Any thoughts, just post them up.

    I am looking at doing a PhD in a Science related field
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    Hi there,

    Go for Munich. I don't know anything about their university, but they have something wonderful, called the Hofbräuhaus. If I would have to restart my studies, this is one of the place I would definitely consider. Yeah!!!

    To be a bit more serious, I believe you need to look at what field interest you, and then the choice can be quite simple. I am a firm believer that with passion for a subject, you don't need a "good" university, because you will learn it with passion. This is what makes a good scientist stand out from the bunch, and not the school attended.

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    The sole aim of a choice of University is not to learn the material. That, you can even do on your own (with a bit of help from PF :wink: ). The aim of the choice of a good university (especially for research work) is that you will work on a hot topic, with "names" in the field, and that you will end up with interesting letters of recommendation. The choice of university is a social network step (besides being a way to learn as well as possible, the relevant material).
    (unfortunately, many learn that only later - like me...)

    That doesn't mean that going to a non-hot-shot university (of the moment) in the field kills irreversibly your career, but it will have an influence. You might be just as bright as the guy or girl that has been the student of Professor WellKnownGuy, you will have more difficulties getting in somewhere than with his letter (or his phone call, or his adress book). You can still make your way, but it will be harder, slower, and riskier.
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    I agree completely with you. But what good is it to have a "hot" subject that you can't smell from a distance. Aren't you better to choose a subject where you are passionate, eventhough not the "hottest" subject around. This way, you might not have to have a recommendation letter to say how good you are, because you will be able to prove it from the knowledge you gain.

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