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German universities

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    A question to people from America: are any German universities known in America?
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    My friend attends college in Belgium and talks about how inexpensive but good most european colleges are. That's all I've ever heard about European schools.
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    I think the only university I hear of constantly is Cambridge. This is sad since I am sure there must be other good schools in Europe. Oh well :rolleyes:
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    Universität Stuttgart

    http://www.uni-stuttgart.de/ueberblick/organisation/fakultaeten/index.en.html (auf Englisch) :biggrin:


    My department at the university (in US) where I did my nuclear engineering program had contacts with Stuttgart (20 years ago - possibly they still do?). We sent students there and we had students from their engineering program.
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    which college in Belgium ?

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    Isn't The Univ. of Heidelberg pretty top notch?
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    most European universities have at least the same level as the top US universities (depending on department ofcourse). Also, in Europe, the difference between the several universities ain't as big as in the US , where you can have Caltech and next to it, an university of which the educational level corresponds to our high school level.

    That's one of the big (yet only) advantages of non-privatisation.

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    A number of German universities participate in the academic "job markets" in the U.S. For an example see http://www.aeaweb.org/joe/0312d/html/joe133.html [Broken]. This position requires EU "citizenship" (probably because it is funded by EU) but many other positiions don't have this requirement.

    http://www.aeaweb.org/joe/0312d/html/index-loc.html#3 [Broken] is sorted by location and you can see that at least 4 German schools participated in the job market that year (2003).
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    Most Americans can't even find Europe on the map and you ask about their knowledge of German uniwersities?
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    I must admit that the only German university that I'm familiar with is IFW-Dresden. This is because Mark Golden was there for a few years. He and his group produced a series of excellent photoemission spectroscopy results. I think he has left Dresden for the University of Amsterdam.

    Of course, University of Konstanz is now having a dubious reputation of being the place where Hendrik Schon received his Ph.D and also did a lot of the now-discredited research work while he was employed at Bell Labs. I believe the school has taken back his Ph.D. In any case, this was the unfortunate introduction (at least to me) to that german institution.

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    Ja! Ich studierte Außenpolitik an der Universität zu Köln für ein Semester.

    P.S. Verzeihen Sie mir, mein Deutsch ist sehr rostig.
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    hey marlon hes in Aelst
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    I've worked in collaboration with the Universites of Stuttgart and a bit with Dresden, but I'm not a USian...
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