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Germany vs Sweden

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    It's knockout time. Germany lead 2-0 at half time, after completely dominating the first half. I think the ref was totally wrong to send off Lucic. It looks like Germany got a lot of favourable decisions!
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    I missed the first two goals. Were they good? Anyone know where I can find replays?
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    Try espn soccernet http://soccernet.espn.go.com/ or the beeb http://bbc.co.uk/

    I agree that the referee was questionable, but the Germans didn't leave a whole lot of doubt regardless. They were slipping through the Swedish defense pretty close to at will, some of the play looked like the Germans playing keep away (or pinball) in the Swedish box.

    Except for their Goalie who got at least half a dozen good saves, Sweden did statistically worse than Costa Rica against Germany.
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