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Get a load of this BS.

  1. Jul 10, 2004 #1
    Before you look at this site know this: this man is insane and has nothing to do with true-Christians.


    Seriously, this site isn't a joke. These people actually believe this stuff. What can you say to someone whos full of this amount of BS?

    Dr. Richard Paley discovered dinosaurs in Africa: http://objective.jesussave.us/dinoexpedition.html Nice picture of an elephant's foot.

    A Science-free Science Fair: http://objective.jesussave.us/creationsciencefair.html Wow! That 5th grader sure showed me!

    Free Brain Wash:
    http://objective.jesussave.us/kidz.html My IQ just dropped 50 points.

    No wonder so many people hate religion.
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  3. Jul 10, 2004 #2
    whats a true christian? *_*
  4. Jul 10, 2004 #3


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    I did have fun doing the Lambuel maze thing.
  5. Jul 10, 2004 #4
    Real Christians, not people who just say they are and don't really follow the beliefs of Jesus.
  6. Jul 10, 2004 #5
    ah, man. I've been raised in a Fundamentalist Christian church, and I know their tricks. I read that first link and needed to go no further. They should have NO influence over the politics of this country. They should not be influencing our current president, who is a follower of pat Robertson, and Fallwell, and friends.

    They keep their "flock" from critical thinking. It took me a long time to get that back and I had to leave my entire, large family to keep sane. They are all still involved and have had many children to add to the flock.

    I hope they do create a new State but I hope it isn't in the US. Let em go to the top edges of Canada. No problem, then the extreme right, gun owners can fight with them if they get out of control. :eek:
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    This site absolutely is a joke -- just a very well-designed one. Trust me. It's one of the longest-running and best parody sites on the web. The page's contents haven't changed in at least 5 years, though.

    - Warren
  8. Jul 12, 2004 #7
    LoL...oh that's very silly.
  9. Jul 12, 2004 #8
    God--- Religon bugs me
  10. Jul 12, 2004 #9


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    I agree with the others, it is a joke, but still very entertaining. I rather enjoyed the Game Theory section.
  11. Jul 12, 2004 #10

    jimmy p

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    It's always the fundamentalists that ruin things. And they wonder why so many people arent into Christianity nowadays.
  12. Jul 12, 2004 #11
    Hook. Line. Sinker.

    I mean, c'mon! All you have to do is read the Noah's Ark experiment caption to know that the page is pure satire.

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  14. Jul 13, 2004 #13
    Do I need to repeat myself?
  15. Jul 15, 2004 #14


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    Yup. Definitely satire or spoof.
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