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Get a UFO degree

  1. Jan 1, 2005 #1

    Ivan Seeking

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    And I thought its was tough to market a physics degree!!! :biggrin:

    Edit: Really this isn't such a surprise, in a way. I found that in Peru and neighboring countries, a belief in UFOs and ET is the norm. Having long been a part of their cultures, this is not lost on modern times, as are many tradtional beliefs.

    Edit again: Of course these are also geologically active areas. When I was in Lima we had quakes every day; which was really cool on the sixth floor. The locals told me that one only needs worry when the shaking stops; ie. lots of little quakes are good. The point is of course that this suggests the potential for earthquake lights, earth lights and the like, whatever those are. :biggrin:
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    OOH, OOH, OOH! I just gotta go there and get one of those, it would be so marketable! I think I know enough spanish too, let me try:

    Donde esta la biblioteque?
    Esta publico?
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    I can just see the look on the HR Directors face when she scans that resume. Safe bet it won't see much circulation.
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    Well it would certainly be eye catching and gain you some distinction!

    Hey ,who knows, maybe you could head up the sales department at a major corporation. C'mon, after going throuh that course you should be able BS your way through anything!
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