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Get active and Be happy

  1. May 4, 2009 #1
    I am Emily Jones, aged 34. I work for an advertising firm. I have worked very hard to get where I am today. Possibly, striving and struggling for years has made me very complacent and my health has suffered. I seem to have become a chronic sufferer of minor ailments like headaches, frequent colds, digestive problems and other stomach infections. Over the years, my health has declined and my passion for work has declined. Visits to doctors have not helped much. I guess I need to take a break and seek some inner healing. Can someone help?
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    Hello Emily.I have the impression that you are in a high powered job that is possibly a little too stressful and that this may be taking a toll on your health.Of course I dont know your exact circumstances but nevertheless I can offer a few tentative words of advice.
    1.Have another chat with your Doctor but don't be fobbed off, express your full concerns.
    2.Try to adopt a more laid back attitude to everything.I know this is easier said than done.
    3.At the end of the working day your time is your own so try to forget work.You already give your employers enough of yourself.
    4.Try relaxation techniques such as yoga.
    5.Exercise helps.Get out there and enjoy walking through the woods and along the beaches.
    6.Take up some hobbies.
    7.Money isn't everything so consider a position with less responsibility.
    8.Do things or go to places that will make you laugh.
    9.Meet more people outside of your work area.
    10.Get involved in voluntary work perhaps helping the elderly.
    In short enjoy your life more.Good luck with it.
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