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Get me on the internet!

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    I enabled personal web sharing on my mac, but I'm behind a router and so I can only share with other computers behind my routers. That doesn't help very much, or I would just put on network sharing! I'm having trouble figuring out how to use an IP that is, uh, the real one, instead of a http://192.168.x.x [Broken] local IP. Can somebody help me? :frown:

    Thank you! :smile:
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    Ok so i don't know very much about macs, but I can help you with networking. From what I understand, you want to have other people, outside of your network to be able to connect to your mac? If so then make sure there is no encryption on your router and no mac filtering and everything should be good. I can't really understand what you're trying to get at but I think I answered correctly. Now for that IP thingy, on Windows you can find it by opening up command prompt and typing ipconfig /all, but for macs, i would just say go to h**p://whatsmyip.com and find it out there. The h**p:// is the address of your router where you can edit settings such as ports open/closed, if your network is encrypted (secure), MAC filtering, etc. Please respond with a more clear question.
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