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Get money for searching the web?

  1. Apr 19, 2005 #1
    get money for searching the web???

    One of my friends pointed this out....
    There's a site that gives you 2 cents per search for using google through them, I guess it records your searches or something. Once you accumulate 50 dollars(I know it is a lot) then it will pay you it all directly to your paypal account. From what I have seen, this is legit. Plus it can't hurt :tongue2:

    If you decide to sign up, follow this link.
    and go to register.

    If this is against any forum rules or is seen as spaming, please delete this.
    A lot of people were having fun with this on some other forum that I go to, so I thought I would post here.(hope i didnt do something wrong :bugeye: )
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    All of these I've heard of turned out to not be legit.
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