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Get off the Earth

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    This is a very old & popular puzzle, but I just found out about it:
    http://www.planetperplex.com/en/item121 [Broken]

    SO WEIRD :bugeye: I guess it has something to do with a discontinuous point function?
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    D H

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    There are 12 Chinaman in one view and 13 things that look like Chinamen in the other view. However, each of those 13 things is actually 12/13 of a Chinaman. 13*12/13=12.
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    It's the one inside one that shares a leg with an outside one. No "body" is in the slot clockwise from it to be moved into that place. It's not a complete body on it's own, since there is really a shared leg (also why you don't get a stray leg somewhere).
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    I would say they add one person to the bottom right part of the globe.
    People on the right side don't have faces, so it is hard to distinguish when they insert one more.
    I first counted 7 top people and covered bottom ones with paper and then I counted the bottom ones only.

    Count the ppl. in both pics between the fat man and the pony tail on right side.
    There are three faceless ppl. in one and two in other

    From sharing same legs, do you mean one at the bottom?
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    That's where I noticed the missing guy
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