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Get Rich; The Secrets Of Trade ->

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    This is some physical problem translated in the field of trade.
    Say we have you, me and some third person, each with 5 apples and 5 dollars. Having money makes you capable to buy. Having apples makes you able to sale certainly. How do you outrich the rest of us?
    Know that you're free to define the rules of trade as long as they apply equally for every one.

    Outriching the others is ending up of all the apples and all the money in one person.

    Finding rich man in some desert is very rare. The real place for the rich man to be is at the center of the society. So in other words my problem is how does one get in the center of the society supressing all the others out?
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    Innovation and marketing.

    Make applesauce. Sell one serving of applesauce for 1 dollar and 1 apple. When you have all the apples, convince everyone applesauce is no good. Offer to buy back 2 applesauces for 1 dollar. When one of the guys starts to object, pay the other one to beat the crap out of him. After they fight, and the winner is hurt, beat him up. Take all the money, apples and applesauce.

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    Is this what you will do?
    Then me and the third guy will do the same.
    Where does it lead?
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    If everybody has the same resources and everybody is constrained to act the same way, I suggest we just eat the apples and burn the money, but that wasn't what you asked originally. You asked what I would do to "outrich" the others. Personally, I have not really been big on the idea of outriching people, but I am enthusiastic about finding good solutions to hypothetical situations.

    Let's change the situation. I have 13 apples and no dollars. You and the other guy have one apple and 1 million dollars each. How much should I charge you for an apple?

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    First I convince you that the other guy wants to steal your apples. Then I offer to insure you (for a fee) that if he does I will buy you another apple, which you can also insure (with an increase in the fee because you have a history of having apples stolen.)

    Next, I convince you that your money isn't safe. (Afterall, someone already stole your apple.) So I offer to hold your money for you (for a fee) and charge you another fee every time you want to use it.

    Now that you are paying fees for your money and insurance for your apples, you need financial help, so I offer to sell shares of your apple business to the other guy (for a fee). The other guy borrows some of your money from me (for a fee) and buys 51% of your apple business and throws you out of the company.

    Now that you are broke, you steal an apple from the other guy. I offer to insure his apples...
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    Actually, that was my point:
    If every body starts with equal resources and all the defined rules apply equally for every body then there is no point of trade. No way one can outrich the others cause despite all the trade every next situation will be same as any previous regarding the system as a whole.
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    I'll use the same methods of protection as those you provide knowing that I'm capable of it because we all start with same resources.

    If one anyway othrich the others he must have been cheating.
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    Not everyone in this world is equally intelligent. If someone outriched everyone else who were trying to get rich (did someone say Bill Gates?) he's just smarter than them, not a cheater.
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    Timing also plays an important role. If someone stole one of your apples and I saw that it had happened, I would be in a position to offer insurance knowing you would have that fear of having another apple stolen.
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    As Njorl and Artman both demonstrated, intelligence, creativity and skill will change the balance even if everyone starts off with the same resources.

    Njorl made applesauce, what makes you think that you and the other guy can figure out how to make it?
  12. Mar 22, 2004 #11
    Njorl will probably takes steps to protect his invention of the applesauce press, making it illegal for the rest of you to make applesauce without buying the machine from him.
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