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Get the lead out, or birth of a musket ball

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    Musket balls were once produced by dropping a measured amount of molten lead from a high tower into a trough of water. What various abberations from musket ball sphericity would you anticipate, and with the technology present how might you improve on this process?
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    Shot towers

    Check out http://www.nysata.com/historical_memorabilia/shot_towers.htm [Broken] for information on the history of shot-making. As for irregularities, try and think about timing and temperature controls we have today.

    Good luck.
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    In a weightless environment you could make a ball that was formed only with surface tension, no air resistance or gravity to distort it. Spin would still be a problem though.

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    Cyclotron Boy,

    Your link is a beautiful "shot to the past."
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