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Getting a Job at NASA

  1. Oct 7, 2015 #1
    Hi everyone I am currently a freshman in college planning on applying to the School of Engineering next fall. I want to be an Astronautical Engineer but my school doesn't even have Aerospace so I was planning on doing Mechanical. I would like to work for NASA as an Astronaut but I would also be happy designing Space Systems and Propulsion systems. Should I transfer to the Air Force Academy and do the rest of my undergrad there and receive my BS in Astronautical Engineering or should I stay and get my BS in Mechanical and then get a Masters in Astronautical Engineering and work for a NASA lab and try my luck applying as a NASA Civil Servant?
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    Getting a job at NASA (and many gov't labs) is tough.

    Getting into USAFA is tough too. I was on the faculty there, and I don't think they accept transfer students. You need to enter as a Freshman and do four years. It is an excellent education, and will set you up very well for a government engineering career. It may be the best possible path for aspiring astronauts and other gov't careers in aero/astro engineering.
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