Getting a MSME Without BSME?

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I really want to go back to Drexel and get a Mechanical engineering degree. I have a BS in Audio engineering that incorporated the first two years of the mechanical engineering curriculum from Drexel.

I could go back and finish a BS MEM degree. I am looking into it, but as long as I am accepted and pass the GRE I may be able to get a MSME without the BSME(still not sure if this is allowed but I think it may be)

Questions are:
What do you think the job availability would be for someone with only a MS in Mechanical engineering?

Would they not be valued as much as someone with a BSME?

Would I be valued as much AT LEAST as a new BSME graduate.

A lot of the upper level BS classes are the same as the masters anyway. Not sure this is the path that I want to take, but am interested in finding out info. Thanks in advance.

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I would venture a guess that if your school does let you get the masters, you'll have quite a few make up classes added to your to-do list. I can't see how you could do it in two years. Even though they may have the same name, the classes are much tougher at the graduate level. I can attest to that.

In regards to your resume, it's a tough call because every company is different. Honestly, most people I know look at the last level of school completed. If you can earn a masters in something, I can't see anyone holding it against you for not getting the bachelors.
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I had an aircraft operations degree from Amsterdam which is very different then any ME undergrad then I did my Masters in Aerospace engineering in the US. The first semester was pretty hard since I took convective heat transfer and combustion, arguably some of the hardest classes but I ended up with an A in both after a lot of hard work. You need to know which direction you want to go. Most ME offer thermofluids, structures, control systems, materials as their main tracks so wants you know which one you want to do. Get a Advanced Engineering Calculus book such as by Zill Cullen and do the chapters on DE's, Linear Algebra, and partial DE's. Most classes in ME are applied math classes so you can make life a lot easier by studying that first for yourself.
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I got my first degree at Oregon State in Aero Engineering which was under the ME school. At OSU, we needed so much to graduate that I picked up a second BS in General Engineering by taking 32 hours of ANYTHING! Times were tough in 1970 and only one grad got a job offer, but the military grabbed him before that. So I went for a quickie 2nd BS instead of a Masters. Only took two quarters. Ask Drexel what their requirements are. I am guessing it will be substancial.

I knew a grad student in Chemistry who went directly from a BS to a PHD, but although the school allowed it, the professors were so pissed, they made life miserable for him. One thing they did to make his teaching skills look bad was to tell him to tell his classes to concentrate on areas that the professors did not concentrate on. Real pr1cks.

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