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Getting a new watch

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    My family is pooling to get me a watch for my upcoming mid 20s bday, since I've never had one for long time. I've looked around different sites and have absolutely no idea which to get. There is too many choices, and I don't know what the trend is today. So just wondering if anyone here is fashion savvy even a little bit, could push me in the right direction. Like what brand is good, or what kind not to get stuff like that.
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    Cheerios is going to have a GI Joe watch available for 4.95 if you send in a check with three UPC codes
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    If you're not sure, and it's your family buying it for you as a gift, why don't you just let them pick it out and enjoy the surprise? If people are buying an expensive watch, I wouldn't go with trendy, I'd go with something classic that will last you a long time. I'd only get an inexpensive watch if you were going for trendy, since it implies that you're going to have to buy another when it goes out of style.
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    The trend today is not to even own a watch and to use your cell phone to tell time. Or, at least that's what the kids tell me.
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    I would definitely suggest looking at a http://www.seikousa.com/#WATCH_GALLERY/TECHNOLOGY". They are no Rolex, but for the prices, I believe that they are the next best thing.

    I have had one for the last year and my father has had one for a really long time.

    No matter what choice you go with, I suggest asking yourself one thing with respect to the brand: How long has this company been making watches.

    There are a TON of clothing companies out there slinging absolute crap for watches, but people buy them because they look 'blingy' or they wear the same clothes.

    I have http://www.seikousa.com/#WATCH_GALLERY/TECHNOLOGY/PERPETUAL_CALENDAR/MEN/OTHER_WATCHES/SNQ007" one. I love it. It was reasonably priced, it is not too dramatic, and it goes with anything.

    Good luck.
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    I hear that Hublot watches are the "in" thing
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    I have a P.Guionnet offered by an enemy. I miss him sometimes. I seem unable to realize who among us owes the other an appology.

    But for the watch to keep me awake, I am thankful.
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    I bought me a TAG similar to http://www.jomashop.com/tag-heuer-link-cjf2114ba0594.html" [Broken] about 15 years ago. They are classy and very well made. Wear it every day and so far not a single problem, and not even the slightest scratch on the glass. Amazing.
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    Hublot. Right, well, if that's the direction a person's going to take, then head for Piaget or Patek Philippe or even Rolex (although I think most Rolexes are pretty ugly.) Those are high, high end watches and I doubt (I think) that's what waht's looking for.

    Yes, Seiko makes nice watches and so does Citizen. Decent quality, long wearing, (I've had Timex watches work forever, for that matter) and they have all of the current styles. They're worth their price and, from there, it's a question of what your personal style is, waht. Do you want something that has multi-dial functions? Something with a sport appearance to it? Something basic with nice lines? Do you prefer numbers on the face or just marks to indicate the spots where the numbers are? Those are personal decisions about taste for you to make. But both of those watch makers make solid, reliable, nice looking stuff.

    If you want something trendy, then pick virtually any current designer name and pick a watch from their collection.
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    If it's anything like my Bulova, it's not glass; it's sapphire.

    Edit: It is; I just read the link you posted. Unless you work heavily wrist-deep in diamonds or tungsten carbide, it'll never scratch.
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    Thank you, that explains it. :cool:
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    I was being a bit sarcastic about the Hublot :P

    On a more serious / affordable note, I'm a fan of Skagen...they have a nice classy yet unique style, in the $100 range. I've gotten enumerable compliments on mine. I can also vouch for the warrantee..after a couple years the pin broke and they immediately sent me a new one at no charge.
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    I have a black titanium skagen. It's a nice watch.
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    Get a Luminox Captain's Field watch in brushed stainless, with a black face. Timeless styling, bright tritium markers on face and hands, and accurate as all get-out. Need to operate machinery, chop some wood, or do other stuff that can stress $$$$ all-mechanical watches? No problem. This watch is also great for times when you have to wear multiple layers in the cold, since it it slim and sleeves slip over it well. BTW, if you shop around, you can get it a LOT cheaper than in this link.

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    Ah, sorry. I have trouble with tone of voice on message boards until I'm more familiar with people.

    I've not seen Skagen watches before, but they make some very nice looking ones. I'll have to see where they're available around here and look at them in person.

    I've owned a nice Citizen watch as an every-day watch for around 16 years. I've had to replace the band twice, I think, and had the battery replaced maybe four times. The crystal is unscratched and it keeps remarkably accurate time.
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    My wife has a Citizen, and since she works with her hands, it has seen a pretty tough life. It keeps time very well, and has needed no attention for years. I have replaced the battery in my Luminox and the O-ring seal for the back once. That's it.
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    Can anybody comment on the Seiko Kinetic range, or other autoquartzes? The concept's neat, and I'm looking at maybe getting one for myself, as a bit of a higher-end (grad student wise) graduation gift.
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    I will summarize the point of my Rolex thread.

    A cheap digital watch from wall mart will keep better time than a Rolex, because a rolex is a mechanical watch, which looses time (any mechanical watch will). The el cheapo digital watch looses time, very, very, slowly.

    The nice watch is all about fashion and appreciation for the mechanical aspect of the watch. If you think its nice, buy it - but know you're not getting the most accurate watch if its mechanical. I believe the kinetic watches use the kinetic to charge a battery . There are some that use the kinetic action to energize a spring to mechanical gears.
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    now you make me want it...
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    It's a nice watch, and it only cost around $110 bucks new. The black on the clasp does start to wear off though.
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    It depends on how much you are spending. If you are going for a luxury watch $2000-$10,000 then THE best brand for the price is an Omega. Omega has looooooooooong history of making high quality products and has a reputation for innovation in the science of time keeping. Omegas are pretty much equal to Rolexes in terms of quality, but cost less because you aren't paying for precious metals or gems in a lot of their models. Omega invented the coaxial escapement movement, it's a pretty neat concept:

    http://www.omegawatches.com/uploads/media/10_years_Co-Axial_01.pdf [Broken]


    Omega tends to make more conservative style watches that will never go out of style. They are also watches you can pass down to your kids and can become family heirlooms.

    There are good reasons why James bond and most watch aficionados would take an Omega over almost any other brand!
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