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Medical Getting black out drunk

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    is getting black out drunk severing the connection to consciousness? if not, can a person ever access those memories? what about getting put under for a surgery? do we feel the pain then not remember feeling it?
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    the black out comes from an intoxication of alcohol which intensively reduces the memory power, so what we forget was most likely never saved in your memory.
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    I think getting put under for surgury is the same thing. You likely stop recording memories for a while.
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    From what I know during surgery you are separately given analgesic and coma inducing substances (although some may act both ways). So technically it is possible you will feel pain but you will not know about it; and from the story a friend of mine told such things happen.
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    Based on personal observations of a friend under those conditions - no. Being that drunk impairs short term memory. And being unconsious in alcohol stupor, also impairs memory.

    If one shuts down neural activity in the brain, then one will not remember what happens during that period of unconsciousness. Certainly the tissue subject to surgery will be irritated and the soreness or pain will be apparent when one becomes conscious again.
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