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Getting Enough Water.

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    How do you know where you're water's kept? If you are drinking plenty of water but still being dehydrated where's all the extra water being lacated? I'm having this problem. I also have a probem with adrenaline. My energy's low. Does adrenaline cause fluids to flow throughout your body?
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    You should see your doctor.

    Tiredness and thirst are two symptoms of unchecked diabetes.

    Are you losing weight? Urinating a lot? Blurry vision? Trouble concentrating?

    The first sign I had of diabetes was persistent thirst. I was thirsty even in the middle of the night and dreamed of tall cold glasses of water. The second symptom was weight loss.

    Did I mention that you should see your doctor?
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    No no weight loss. I'm having some psychological problems.

    I have problems passing stool though my bowels. I yook this colon cleanser. I had some hunks inside so huge that they pressed again't my kidneys and my adrenal glands may have been damaged.
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    Are you being seen by someone? Is your psychological and physical condition being managed?
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    Yes , but I haven't solved the water problem.
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    Seek the advice of your personal physician. There's no way we can determine if you're really dehydrated or adequately hydrated over the internet. If you receive a diagnosis from your physician and would then like further information about the science behind it to better understand it, we can help then.
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