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Getting Good Alex Svirin ?

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    Hey guys, im really new on calculus but im just wondering if anyone have tried Alex Svirin's Ebooks Solved Exercises Series ... Is it worth it to buy ? Also, is there some famous/good sources of solved exercises ( besides the ones from the major books [stewart/thomas/larson] and excluding also the 3000+Schaum's/Calculus Solved Rea books) in Calculus that people use ? I just want to enroll in this "world", get very good at Calculus and get nice grades at college but some ppl say it is too hard and it is common to get screwed.I don't want that, thats why im getting prepared even before my college classes begin.Can i get any tips about extra-books/behavior/exercise methodology ?
    Apologize for any grammar usage error and thank you in advance.
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