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Getting hammered/smashed/wasted

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    I'm 14 years old and i don't really drink that much(as in alcohol, i do drink plenty of water). When I hear stories about how much people got "wasted" or "omg before i came into school i drank 4 beers", it makes me wonder why? I know it's because it's a new thing to people my age and it's very cool to drink alot. Whenever someone says they drank like 10 glasses of wine or 6 beers i alway think "geez they must have been thirsty" because no one would drink that volume of water/coke at one time. I wouldn't be able to drink 5 cans of coke in a night. So my question is why do people drink that large amount, is it mainly for effect or is it that addictive?

    thanks _Muddy_
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    Beats me, mayby cuz they're stupid?
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    Usually because it's fun.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    But always because they have their heads so far up their rear that they can't see the light of day. This is what causes the thirst.
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    Don't ever let anyone talk you into drinking as much as you can as fast as you can.

    Passing out and being asphyxiated on your own vomit really isn't as fun as it sounds.:surprised
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    I don't know how to answer this without sounding like my dad used to... :biggrin:

    I guess one can only decide for oneself however, in my (extensive I have to admit) experience, it's not worth it...

    EDIT: edward has it spot-on
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    As brewnog said, because it's fun, but too much of anything can adversely affect you. Usually it's a way of bragging about their tolerance level or to try and convey how intoxicated they were. When people become intoxicated, their critical thinking skills become affected... The decision to brag about going to school while drunk, is an example in its self.
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    I think its pretty much dumb, and especially for a child to so it. Edward, is sooo right, I just recently saw this happen to a school buddy, and I strongly discourage anyone to ever drink. And yes, it can be very addictive :frown:
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    I took a photo of one of those guys:

    < removed copyrighted image >
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    For people first starting to drink alcohol there is this absurd peer pressure where more is better because you're a bit of a girl if you can't drink. Something you want to realise very quickly if you do get into trouble is that everyones tolerance is totally different. What one person can drink makes another person very ill so don't be tempted to keep up because of peer pressure. Of course more is not better. A couple of beers now and then never hurt anyone (when you're 18 at least :tongue:) and is supposed to be enjoyable, but thinking you have to drink at least x amount to fit in with the crowd is when problems start to occur.
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    That's pretty much it.
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    Whatever they may think, it's not cool to come to school sleepy, drunk, high, or with a hangover. In fact, maybe being sleepy, drunk, high, or hungover isn't cool at all.
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    Yeah, because putting a temporary damper on your learning ability is the road to success!
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    Don't do it, it's really not worth it. When I was your age (maybe a little older), I used to drink, smoke the ganja (among other things), and even did pills for awhile. It's different, and it's fun, but it's nothing to do do regularly (or at all if you're any smarter than I was). No one on this forum, not even your parents, can stop you from drinking or doing other things, you have to make the right decisions yourself.
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    Young people your own age probably drink to "be cool" but many people, and possibly even your peers, drink due to depression. I once went on a drinking binge due to depression. After a couple months of drinking daily I started to wake up in the mornings with the shakes and unable to think straight for most of the day. Between that and the fact that I would often purchase alcohol over food when low on funds I decided I needed to stop. It was a bit difficult but I did it. Unfortunately most people wont know when it's time to stop and wont have the will power to do it on their own. Instead of thinking that all of these people are just idiots you should realize that it's very possible they have serious emotional issues and no idea how to cope, taking the quickest and most convenient way out of dealing with it. If your friends are becoming drunks you may wish to talk to them to figure out why they are doing it and maybe try to help them out if they need it.
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    i wasn't planing on doing it, I'm not being put under pressure or anything but i was wondering how somone can drink that amount if they aren't thirsty. I understand a few beers but you see i gave the example of coke
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    To answer the question in the OP: drinking alchohol doesn't quench thirst. You don't have to be thirsty at all to drink lots of alcohol.
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    It's an intoxicant and "feels good". To stay in that state you need to drink more. Unfortunately the more you drink the worse the side effects become.

    Here's a neat little youtube video to check out...
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    lots of different factors in that.

    There's even plenty of people who actually do drink lots of coke in a night. Both beer and coke dehydrate you in the longterm, but they sate your thirst when you first drink them. So it's easy for some to sit around with a rack of sodas and keep getting thirsty and popping a new one.

    Coke also has caffeine, which is addicting.

    Beer has alcohol which also has dependency associated with it. Furthermore, many cultures (and especially subcultures) have a sense of machismo associated with being able to hold your liquor. There's also a genetic influence, I believe. It is said that native americans are more susceptible to a dependency on alcohol from a genetic aspect (this says nothing about the willpower of the individual person).
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    I'm not sure that anyone has pointed this out, but I would say with about 99% chance that the people who, at 14, say that they drink 4 beers before school are lying and are just trying to show off. I think you probably guessed this, anyway, since in the rest of your post you quote that people "say" they have drunk 10 glasses of wine, and not that they actually did. (That's about 3 bottles isn't it? Jeez.. I'm not sure I could even manage that at the peak of my university days).

    Anyway, you seem a bright kid to be asking about things like this. I would advise you to steer clear of alcohol at least for a few years; I know a few people (pretty intelligent people, at that) whom if they hadn't started drinking in school would be way better off now.
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