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Getting help - indication?

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    How often does one usually need a better explanation and/or help while studying math? I feel really disappointed in myself if I ever need guidance. It's not often, but it gets to me and I wonder if I should even try. Is this a common feeling? I'm currently studying the 3rd and 4th course of math in high school. (I don't know what it's called in USA.)

    My question is: how often do you need help?
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    Why? How are you going to learn if you don't ask anyone's help when you need it?
    I don't know whether I can answer this exactly, but I always asked help when I needed it, especially in school.
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    Well, help helps. But I'm trying to compare my capability to others', and one way to do that is by wondering how the gifted ones learn and need help. Isn't people's need for help a good way to indicate if someone is good or not? Gifted students don't need help?
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    I think peoples need for help is an indicator of how stubborn they are. I am like you and never ask for help even if I need it because I'm too damn stupid to admit I need it. I suppose mainly I don't ask because I feel embarrassed at possibly looking dense. I know this is ridiculous yet I still do it. Don't make the same mistake!
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    I would be more concerned with my capabilities as they relate to the expectations of the instructors than how I compare with other students. Perhaps the "gifted" students are getting their help outside of class. That is what I usually do...math lab, professor's office hours.
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    Being able to ask for help the right way, takes good communication and people skills. Unless, you are just being Lazy and not listening or studying then there is never a time one should feel bad when asking a question. I rather think it shows your intent on learning, which would make you wise.
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    I usually don't ask for help, especially not in front of the whole class I don't want to feel like I've asked a stupid question. I'd prefer to go and research it in my own time. If I still really don't understand it I will ask a friend to help or take the question to my study group, or ask a second or third year student for help and if they don't know, a couple of us will go and ask the lecturer, or maybe bring it up in the next lecture. (we can bring it up in class because there are only 22 people doing my course so we are in a tiny classroom and so every lecture is more like a tutorial)
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    Learning is not about being able to do everything yourself, it's also about knowing where you need someone else's advice!
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