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Getting in The Zone

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    Getting in "The Zone"

    I started looking at physics in an interesting way. I haven't been learning as fast as I'd like and I decided it was because I didn't have the right mindset going into it. Like in football, before a game, I walk around for an hour or so jsut grunting and building up aggression, and I don't talk to anyone until the game starts. Same with working out, I have to get myself in the right mindset by getting intense.

    What do you do to get ready to learn physics? What mindset should a person be in to learn well?
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    You should let yourself realize how amazing it is that anything exists at all, let alone exists with such subtlety and complexity and simplicity. Work on feeling completely awed, amazed, and dumbfounded about reality. To the point where you get goosebumps. Then realize that the best way to take this incredible feeling even further is to actually learn the intricacies of how that reality works.
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    I learn physics like a necessity, since I'm atheist
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    What are you meaning to say [?] You don't believe in Physics?
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    Hi Monique, what I mean is that I've found that the vast majority of religious people are quite lazy when is time to do certain things. I guess that this is because they are so certain that they have an afterlife waiting for them, that they do not care very much about what are their obligations in this world. This is for example the case of physics: physics, for a newstarter, is hard, you have to struggle very much with concepts and ideas, have to study very much and saccrifice very much hours, that's what I mean, I do this because I don't believe in life after death, my only (very remote) possibility for survival is to have some great idea about the universe, some hidden rule that permit to me, and the rest, to prolongue our existence. I'm pretty sure that our comprehension of what is the universe, its structure and its dynamics, is absolutely scarce, and that there are big surprises to be discovered
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