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Getting into Academia

  1. Jul 27, 2009 #1
    This fall I will begin working towards a PhD in Statistics at a very highly "ranked" school. During my undergraduate years I always figured I wanted to work as a Statistician (high pay, 9-5 low stress job). After doing some research and reflecting, I realized that academia would be a much better fit for me (research, teaching etc... )

    My question is this: Since I know going into grad school that academia is the end goal, what can I start doing from day 1 to maximize my chances of getting a tenure track job after obtaining a PhD? I know that for Statistics in particular, getting a faculty job is fairly easy compared to other fields since so many people go into industry and don't even consider academia. What are things I should take advantage of? I really don't want to waste any time or undertake anything that wouldn't help me down the road.

    Any general suggestions?

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