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Getting into aerospace engineering

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    I'm currently a computer engineering student with about 10 years of programming experience, ~6 professional. Whatever field I end up in I'll be doing programming in it. I have more than a passing interest in rockets, they have always fascinated me. Within the field I am most interested aeronautics control systems and orbital mechanics. I've been studying orbital mechanics in my free time and been having a lot of fun learning that and vector calculus. My concern is that if I actually start applying what I know I may get bored with it; it wouldn't be the first time its happened to me with an engineering field. Programming is a very accessible field, anyone can just get a compiler and do it. Aerospace engineering isn't the same, living in a densely packed suburb of Chicago I can't exactly launch stuff in my back yard. All the rocket fields for safety reasons only let you assemble model rockets and launch them, you can't do anything fun with them because its a hobby to them (and I guess its dangerous).

    My question is are there any ways I can dip my toes into this to see if I like it? I don't want to peruse a masters then realize it was a mistake. I applied for an intern position with SpaceX for an aeronautical control software development position but I haven't heard back from them, I knew my chances were near none when applying. That was really the only thing I saw that would accomplish this.
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