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Getting into electromagnetism

  1. Mar 10, 2010 #1
    Programmer-turned-amateur-physicist here.
    I'm reading Feynman's lectures, but I'm urged to do some physical experiments. The thing is, I have no idea about the practical side of things. Could someone write me a detailed description of some experiment? Say, the one with the hanging wire and the coil, where the coil's magnetic field pushes the wire. Do I need to take any safety measures besides "don't be a part of the circuit"? Can I just make a coil from a piece of wire and will it work? etc. One sample experiment so I can get into it.
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    Here is a case of the current in a wire pushing a magnet. The Faraday motor was discovered by Faraday circa 1830. Look up "Faraday motor site:youtube.com"




    Bob S

    [added]Also see simple motors at (google)

    "simple motor site:youtube.com"
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