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Getting into grad school

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    im currently a 4th year civil engineering student hoping to go to grad school for structural engineering. it seems that a masters degree is required for most all structural engineers. with just an undergrad degree i will only be taking a few structural courses, which doesn't seem adequate for much work in the industry. or is most of it learned on the job?

    so, im planning on going to grad school, but don't really have the GPA for getting into the grad program at my current school (or most notable schools). i have a 2.7 (3.0 major gpa), most people that get in have over a 3.5.. although they say it's possible to get in if you have good letters of recommendation and high grades in certain classes.. my question is, will they consider the quality of the school that I went to when deciding my admission? whether i go here (UT Austin) or some other school.. UT has a highly ranked civil programs both undergrad(#4) and grad(#3), so may that be considered when comparing me to someone else with a higher gpa but from a less notable school? also, will it help if i stay an extra semester or 2 in undergrad to raise my gpa a little and take extra structural classes?
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