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Getting into Photonics grad school for an EE major

  1. Feb 14, 2014 #1
    I hold an Electrical Engineering (EE) BSC (3.45/4 GPA). I graduated in 2009.

    I am passionate to pursue a career in physics related studies specially optics and photonics. There are no universities offering that in my country. So I have to look in to US or Europe.

    But it has now been about five years since I graduated, besides I don't have relevant work experience to photonics. I am currently working as a programmer/software developer. Consequently, grad schools are rejecting me.

    So, I am thinking of a workaround here. (Strengthen myself and comeback)

    I am going to do MSC in communication engineering, and a BSC on Applied math (physics stream) at the same time in a three year period, in my country.

    I think that gives me an edge, but I will be 30 by then.

    Even though, I will have the masters by then, I don't want to do PHD, because the education quality in my country is average. I want to go to a quality masters program in photonics.

    What do you think my chances of getting accepted will be?

    I really need your opinion
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