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Getting into university

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    I applied without any, and I mean no science class.

    I have to somehow prove that I can do it somehow. The closest thing to Science that I have is Calculus and Stats.

    I need to compose an essay to somewhat prove my knowledge.

    So, I am here asking everyone for advice on which topic would be appropriate for this situation.

    Note: This is undergrad, and I am in college right now for Accounting.

    I was thinking about Special Relativity, or something in the sub-atomic world.

    I am also thinking about going to a high school, and pay money to write their final exam, and get the scores checked out. It will consist of no credits, but it will determine whether or not I know what I am doing.

    Thanks, for all the advice.

    You can tell me to start over, and I accept that, but please give me useful advice.
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    So, I should start over?
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    So what are you asking? You want to change majors from accounting to physics? What school are you refering to that requires a letter to change majors?
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    I'm asking how can I prove I know something about physics or science in general. I have no science classes under my name.

    I am switching schools, and majors.

    You don't need a letter; you just need pre-requisites.
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    Go talk to the transfer school's physics department and talk to an advisor. Find out what they think the best course of action is. If you prove to someone there that you're willing to put in the work, I'm sure they'll be willing to work with you.
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    uh I was pre-law for 2 years and easily switched to another school for a double physics and math major...schools dont necessarily want people who have been immersed in science their entire college life...you just need to have taken basic calculus courses and have gotten good grades in your classes to your previous major (that shows you're smart and competent)...a smart person is a smart person
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    I was thinking the same thing, but I called them up and they said pre-requisites are 100% mandatory.

    I'm going to visit school next week, and I'll find out what I have to do exactly.

    I will probably end up taking adult night school. It will make sure I know everything I guess.
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