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Getting knocked out.

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    i got knocked out while practicing chock holds at my local Judo club tonight, but it wasn't because my bloodflow was cut off, it was becaue of the blood rush to my head after he stopped, kinda like that light-headded feeling you get if you stand up quick after laying down for a while. i was only out for a second or two, but when i finally realized what had just happened, i thought i had been out for hours. i had no sence of time, and it took me a while to realize where i was and what i was doing, and i also had a funny taste in my mouth.

    I thought it was pretty cool, but the kid thought he killed me. stupid kid doesn't know teenagers can't die :wink: .

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    You're not all better yet. Rest up some more.
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    do note the sarcasm wink
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    I deleted it on purpose when I quoted you. Makes you look more slap-happy and disoriented.
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    Is it like a wicked high?

    This can be the next big trend instead of drugs. I see it now...

    Get Knocked Out, It's COOL! :surprised
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    Check out this thread here....it pertains to this very topic :rofl:
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