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Getting linux off my laptop

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    How do I get linux off my laptop and reclaim that partition without having to do a fresh Windows install and without damaging the boot manager (GRUB)?
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    If you want to get rid of linux why do you want to keep grub?
    Generally, the files grub uses to boot are stored in the /boot directory of your linux partition. So formatting that partition will destroy grub. If you're only using windows then I'd recommend reinstalling the windows boot loader.
    This can easily be done with the Windows install cd, the SuperGrub cd, or even more easily, with Lilo.
    To use Lilo, install on your current linux distro and execute the command:
    lilo -M [device] mbr
    where [device] is the device where grub is installed. That worked for me but no guarantees. The windows cd is the safest way to go.
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    I formatted the partition which contained linux, it removed GRUB but it resulted in failure to boot into windows. Ive now reinstalled ubuntu to replace GRUB, I just want to get all that space back. I dont know how to use the windows disk to install the boot manager, but I will google it and see if I cant figure it out.
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    So what you are asking:
    I dual boot windows and linux, how do I make a windows only machine from it?

    You can try to use a windows boot cd and fix the mbr (master boot record) use google, then your machine will directly boot into windows. Windows has a build in partition manager, and I think you can use it to delete the linux partition and resize c:
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    As daniel says if you removed grub then it can't boot.
    The MBR is only 512 bytes, all it contains is a link to which program to use on which partition. If you selected to install grub tot he mbr - all it i was replace the 'windows' mbr with one that points to the grub install in the linux partition.

    You can restore a regular MBR with either the lilo or fixmbr/restore command on the linux boor disk. Or you can use the windows install cd, select rescue and then use the fixmbr command
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    Do you want to keep GRUB because you don't currently like the distro you have installed and want to try to dual boot another linux distro?
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