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Getting manuals created

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    Hey guys i was wondering something. If i wanted to get a very small amount of manuals/books created (few dozen?), is there any place online that would allow me to do that? I wanna create a professional look for my business :D lol.
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    Google turned up a slew of them- send them your files, they print them. Some also offer design services. Do you want them to be bound (that may narrow the list)?
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    Yah if they could look like the professional looken manuals, thatd be awesome :D
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    You might also want to check the old Yellow Pages for local printers. You might be more assured of getting the "look" you want if you can go to the shop in person and look through their samples to choose the type of binding, weight of paper, etc. You can also see first-hand examples of their work to know if it suits your needs and is the quality you expect. Talking to the printer in person might also be helpful if you need suggestions on layout. Some just print what you give them, but others can help in the design process too.
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    hmm yah ill go check out some places around town :D thanks.
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    Pengwuino, you could try Kinko's (now part of FedEx)

    or Sir Speedy

    They are two big national chains. Both provide support services like printing, copying, etc for small and large businesses, as well as individuals.

    Otherwise, as Moonbear suggest, look in Yellow Pages for a local printer.

    As for creating the manuals, if one uses something like MS Word, the document can be exported to Adobe Acrobat with necessary security to prevent changes to the document. Then, one has an electronic copy for a website and for producing hardcopies.
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