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Getting MS before PhD

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    I spent my first year and half of college studying computer science, then I decided to switch into physics. I'm hoping to spend a fifth year coterm before I decide to pursue a physics PhD. My school does not offer an MS in physics, just PhD. For the coterm, I'm debating whether I should get an MS in applied physics or computer science.

    Computer science would diversify my studies. It would also give me more practical skills in case I decide not to pursue a physics PhD. The only downside is it means a year without any physics.

    On the other hand, pursuing the applied physics MS will give me better connections to professors, who might write better recommendations if I decide to apply for a PhD. But a lot of the courses in the applied physics MS will be a part of the physics PhD anyways, so a computer science MS might be more beneficial.

    Which do you think is the more reasonable move?
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