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Getting onto a PhD after a long gap.

  1. Jun 29, 2013 #1
    I would like to do a PhD in a Physics related subject. However, it has been over 25 years since I graduated. I graduated in the UK gaining a BSc (Hons) with a Class 2 Division 1.

    At the time I was head hunted and recieved many offers but went on to pursue a career in an unrelated area. I have always regretted this and now wish to return to my passion.

    I have a number of exciting and promising ideas for PhD research.

    Despite the time, I am not as rusty as you might imagine as I have continued to pursue my interests as a pastime.

    Can anyone please advise on how I can go about getting myself onto a PhD course? Will I still be accepted? Or will I have to do my BSc all over again or will I be reuired to complete an MSc beforehand?

    Grateful for any advice or direction.
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