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Getting started physics at university

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    Hi, I am final year student at gymnasium. I am planing to start studying physics at university and my biggest hope is to get to one of the UK universities. I have sent my ucas application and I am thinking about which university of my chosen is the best for studies of physics. I have selected these universities: University of Edinburgh, Glasgow university, Lancaster university and Warwic unversity. Well, the most suitable choice woul Edinburgh university, but I am sitll not sure about it. I have heard that The university of Edinburgh is not appreciated well in foreign universities. Is it true? Can someone suggest the best choice for me? Actually I am not from the UK, I am from Lithuania, if you know it. My grades at school are very well, so I believe I would be able to get into well ranked university, also some extra curricular activities give benefits. So please give some advices, becaus I am very confused now.
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