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Getting started with IDL

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    I'd like to get a book to get me up and running with IDL. I have little to no programming experience, so I'm looking for something that doesn't assume the reader has been exposed any sort of programming languages a priori. Any recommendation?
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    IDL Programming

    I've found "Practical IDL Programming" by Liam Gumley to be a pretty helpful book (I got mine off Amazon). The IDL online help is good, but does assume you have a cursory knowledge of where to start and what you're doing. The book above basically assumes you know nothing - it's really handy to get you to understand the basics.

    The IDL news group is a helpful place to ask questions as well:


    Finally, the forum on the IDL website can connect you directly with IDL's tech support:


    I think they also offer cheap training for academic/university people, but I don't know the cost.

    Hope this helps!
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    Alright, thank you very much, I'll be looking into it.

    Why the anonymity though?
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    Can anyone help, I am using IDL since March this year I dnt hv backgroud of programming, but I am trying my best to learn IDL. How to make stacked plots. I tried using over plot, I gives a plot sharing x-axis and y axis, but I want a plot that shares x- axis but not y-axis. so can you suggests and provides a sample of code for that. I real need ur help!!
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