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    I am in 12th grade and currently in AP calc. I am kinda bored with it and was wonering if there is any good online material that can let me learn calc faster and go beyond it into hiogher maths? thanks
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    Wouldn't it be simpler to just read ahead in your calculus book.
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    Practice makes perfect.
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    I've got these magic pills which make you learn calc faster...

    Wanna buy some?

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    How about...
    One free to..
    Test the quality?
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    The book I have isn't the best at explaining things, but I guess I can manage because I have never had trouble with math. I am not trying to take some magic pill, just my class is full of tards for the most part who get tripped up with simple things like limits. Also reccomendations for other maths would be appreciated.
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    Try checking out a book on linear algebra (matrices, vector spaces, and so forth). It's a freshman or sophomore-level college course that has enough ties to Calc that you'll be able to understand it with some patience.

    The alternative would be to study Calculus III, which doesn't really depend on Calculus II for anything. It's actually pretty easy; I took it in high school.
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