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    To start off, i'm not sure if this is the place to post this, so if i'm wrong, please forgive me.
    I graduated high school two years ago this may and am going to start college this fall. When i was in high school, i didn't try very hard in my math classes. I never planned on attending college so i didn't think i had any reason to study hard. But things change and i am set to attend this fall. I want to try to pursue a career in astronomy or astrophysics. What are some good ways to begin preparing mathmaticaly and scientificaly for a career in these fields? I would appreciate any advice you can post. Thanks in advance.
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    Take the math placement/evaluation exam at your uni. Most have them online. If yours doesn't go to another uni site that does. If you can do that and get a perfect score you should be fine. Otherwise focus on what you suck at.
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    Brush up on basic math. Get comfortable with manipulating algebraic equations, trigonometric identities, logarithms/exponents, graphing, functions, etc. Generally, you can test straight into Calculus I(or if the math department allows, Calculus II) if you do well on placement exams.
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