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Getting to college

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    I'm Spencer..

    Enough introductions anyway. I hope you guys can tell me what colleges are the best for physics, and sciences for that matter. I know it will probably be an obvious first few, but I need to know more colleges-I am not sure I have the grades-so post any you know. :cry: Uhm, and you'd better tell me what I'd need to go there too I guess.

    I live in Ohio, but I'd gladly go out of state; far, far out of state. Thanks, of course. Speedy replies are nice, and from post-college people. I need to apply this week if I'm to afford it, or so I'm told. :mad:
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    Also can you guys tell me what you all got on your IOWA tests in grade school, if they had them when you were a kid? I did really well I guess, but I don't know if everyone really takes that test.
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    I'm not sure what an IOWA test is but colleges look at ACT and/or SAT-I/II scores.

    A typical rule of thumb is that west and east coast schools want to see SAT-I (and since you want to study physics I think they usually require an SAT-II score, too) and midwest schools look at ACT. However, make sure to check with any college you're applying to what exactly they require.

    I don't think you can just pick a college in a week. You need to do your research and figure out which schools are more selective and where you have a shot at getting in. There are plenty of websites that let you compare colleges and universities, but one I like is www.princetonreview.com . You can take a little test that can fit you to a college but obviously that's just a computer-generated answer based on database information and isn't always accurate.

    It's very hard to give this kind of advice because there are literally 1,000's of colleges offering 100's of different majors and it just varies from person to person. If you have good grades you can probably do a search for "Top undergraduate schools physics" or so on.
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    Also, taken from another thread

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