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Getting to the moon!

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    Sorry if this is the wrong thread.

    For years there has been all of these rumors that the USA never really got to the moon and that it was alll a hokes just so that we could win in the space race. Is this true? Did we not have the capabilty to get to the moon? Or is this something made up from jealuse people that have to much time on there hands to notice all of these little details?
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    Wow, In before the lock. What do you think? Thats all that really matters.
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    Theres our collection of debunking links for crackpot conspiracies. If what you want isn't there, ask ivan, im sure he'll provide some good sites that really cover all the claims of how it was "faked" and can give very convincing arguments as to why the conspiracies are all wrong.
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    Isn't there a whole thread of this that was debunked like years ago?
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    It's been done. Do a search.

    - Warren
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