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Getting Wavelet Basis functions

  1. Jan 24, 2012 #1
    Hi all,

    Say that I have a 1D signal such that f=Bw where f is the signal B is the basis functions and w is the wave co-efficients. The question that I have is how do I find the B matrix in Matlab.

    I am looking through WaveLab and Rice Wavelet packages but simply cannot find an answer. As for the type of wavelet, for the moment I'm not too worried. Note that I am not concerned about trying to find w by using wavedec or similar functions in Matlab. Simply want some sort of a Basis Matrix that will allow me to compress a generic signal.

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    Look into proper orthogonal decomposition. There are some good papers/resources out there that can guide you.

    Hopefully I didn't misinterpret your question.
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    Hey thanks for the reply. I dont mean to be a bother, but were you talking about wavelets in particular or general orthogonal decompositions. If you were could you tell me what exactly to google, or maybe a paper that you would recommend?

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