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GF-BF thingy. Yep i am from Mars.

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    So i am studying at a univeristy here at the U.S but not originally from here. I do encounter people here but as 'individuals' and not as 'familys'. Thus i assume i may be missing some parts of the spectrum of this society.

    The question i have emerged from a discussion with a friend: Is families at the United states are fine with 'Boy friend- Girl friend' matters happening between the teen, above 20 years old of thier sons and daughters, or is it a 'wide spread from behind the backs' that the soceity no longer avoid, and families have no control over?

    I assume ofcourse not all famillies have the same ideas and life styles, so any idea of 'ratios or percentages' of how the society and families are percieving this matter.

    Yep, i am from Mars, i want to learn about planet Earth.
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    As a matter of cultural awareness your wording is very...peculiar...which is prolly why you haven't gotten any responses. So, just to make sure I understand your question correctly you're asking if a girl's ( or guy's) family would make a big deal out of their 20+ son or daughter dating someone? If that is your question, then the answer would be no (with a few incredibly rare exceptions). Once a person reaches 18, in the US generally, they are on their own as adults. I've been told that it is quite different in other countries where children may not be out on their own until their mid-20s, but here their is large push to get children out on their own and independent by 20 at the latest usually (with the most common exception being if parents are paying for the child to go to a university.)
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    sooo.. you want to know if it is OK to just date a woman with out meeting the family first and getting permission? heck yes it is. In the US, single women have the ability to choose who they date with out consulting their family. The parents might not like the person their daughter chooses to date, but they only attempt to convince her to cut that person loose rather than blatantly reject the boyfriend to his face.

    Basically, don't worry about consequences to you if you date a woman you meet in university, there are none.
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    like franz said, i'm not sure if i even understand your wording right. I'd say that culturally, its acceptable for 20 something to date. Some families however, mightn't approve. In those cases it really depends. some families might have enough control over their kids to stop them, some might not, and their children will just date anyway, whether the kids are blatant about it, or go behind the back, depends on the kid and the family they come from. aye?
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