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GFT & Braid Group

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    Thanks! I started a new thread for new questions.

    Let me start with one I don't even know makes sense: are there counterparts to the braid group for higher dimensional objects like membranes?
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    Yes, braiding is an effect of codimension-2 embeddings. In 3 dimensions one needs 1D objects which are attached to surfaces (points in the surfaces).
    So, the generalization to n-dimensional branes: the branes have to be embedded in a n+2 dimensional space.
    But I'm not shure about the relations in this higher-dimensional braid group. The relations of the 3D braid group should go over the higher-dim case but there must be additional relations.
    In case of surfaces (or membranes( you can check Lee Rudolph's
    Braided surfaces and Seifert ribbons for closed braids Comment. Math. Helv. 59 (1983), 1-37.
    I know also of a book (Saito?) about higher-dim braids.
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