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Ghost in the shell

  1. Jun 5, 2003 #1
    [SOLVED] ghost in the shell

    And I stand back and wonder what could possibly be so hard in accpecting that all we hold around us is natureal in origin? That all our emotions are just really well written code in a very effective program?What is it with this prepetual human instinct to seperate himself from the world around him, his obsession with classification and differenzation? (for im sure nature does no such thing)




    ahhh i got it.

    If there is an outside then that implies that there is an inside, which then implies that my 'inside is unique' becasue i cant see the insides of others only myself, which then implies that my inside is me seperate from my enviroment, of which i sense thorugh sense in a body which is part of the envirment, which implies that if i let the body fail, i'll lose contact with the 'outside', so i must keep the body working to keep my "me" working, so this body isnt just a body, its my "me's" body, i must take care of my body, i must do things that make my body happy (food, love, sex, social satues) by which my body will avoid danger, which implies that emotions are not just silly electronic reactions but important makers of life, which implies that the social and moral rules which govern emotions arent "made up and phoney" but serve a fundamental truths to life. IN which case for me to think all this makes alot of sense of what otherwise would be utter chaos.


    ahhh the dangers of the ghost in the shell mentality.
    have to admit, nature is one darn good philosopher to have come up with that one to feed to us. It takes a REAL measure of creativty.
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    well, it seems as though you've pretty much answered your own ponderings, but i would argue this: why must you classify us as outside nature. we are most definatly a spawn of it's natural proceses and therefore anything that we do ('classifying and differnzation") nature also does becuase we are it!.
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    I agree that we are indeed only part of nature. I was trying to highlight the phsycological need of humans to calssifiy everything to there own benefit when nature in reality is not black and white about anything.
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    Preator Fenix,
    You make a very good point. However, there is one little point, I'd like to bring up: In judging human behavior, aren't you putting yourself as something seperate from humanity (as capable of knowing about it). Don't get me wrong, all humans have the capacity to judge human behavior - my point is that in judging the seperatist nature of humans, you seperate yourself. Just something to think about.
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    ahhh.... behold the eternal parradox that to be human is. I see it as that my thinking processe have been trained to not nessacrily adhere to what my human sense would otherwise lead me to beleive. I could even say I have the gentic dredespositoin to think in such an anti-pratcical way. What I say is precisly that I dont say it; I can't ever be outside humanity for I am human. But logic is very comfortable outside the presance of man. So I can comment on the logic, I just cant BE the logic.
  7. Jun 8, 2003 #6
    hhmmm i just now realized that it was Mentat how made that reply....I must admit you are a sentinal. Every wary and aware. In my last post in that post I conceded to your point that thinking can be indepandant and individual. A certain specific individual entity can have its own indepandant thought. Still, I do not see why that would imply personality. Even in my last post here, for me to come to a better understanding of humanity, I had to escape my own personality (human sense) to arrive at truth. In fact my very persoanlity is in direct opposition with observed truths, namely that "i" as a person am somehow completely seprated from my enviorment which is quite franckly is not the case.(though as thinking, thinking is indepandant of enviorment so that "I" is the one I use.)

    (by the way, it might interset you to know that I work as a Polysonomagraphic Technologist. I study peoples brainwaves will they make the transition from wake to sleep. I've seen some really wacky things. The human mind is amazing in its capacity to generate reality!)
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    No, you can be logical.
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    Oh no you didn't, and that's the point. It is human for you to question humanity.

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    Hey guys, where is that quote from? GIS movie or manga?

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