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Ghost photo

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    ==> popularity + $$$ :rolleyes:
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    So why do ghosts always seem to be wearing clothes :confused: ?
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    Why would you return from beyond the grave to Bradford?
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    I've always wondered about that. Do clothes have spirits? And the SciFi channel's International Ghost Hunters where they are in Romania where this is supposedly a ghost from 1595 and they are asking it questions in modern English and it is answering in modern English!! Amazing!
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    If he didn't know the 'ghost' was there til he reviewed the film, what did he think he was filming?
    He must be either a really bad film maker, some kind of pervert with a thing for joggers, or (shock horror) he filmed it with the intent of inserting the thing later.
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    Warning, throwing lit cigarettes out on the lawn is littering and can be a fire hazard.
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    Wow that thing looks so fake.
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    Perfectly framed in the picture, too!
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    What are you guys talking about? I'm absolutely sure that this is 100% real! It looks just like a ghost out of the movies, and that is proof enough for me. Now let me take my camera outside and then fire up the photoshop. If the BBC is willing to buy onto that real footage, they will love the stuff I can give them! Ghosts of the aliens that shot JFK caught again while destroying the onlyl plans to a working water powered car! (Oh and the aliens also work for BIG OIL) Every cliche the media needs for a good story all wound into one!
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    There is nothing wrong with keeping an open mind. We humans seem to think that we are in control of the universe, which I think far from the truth. We still haven't been able to answer the most basic of questions, "Why are we here?", "How did life come to be?", "How did universe come to be?".
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    a little tip to Mr Gunn for next time he inadvertently captures footage of a ghost: Apple Shake now does come with an effective motion-tracking feature, so don't be scared to move the camera around a bit to add that extra dose of realism. Or you were going for the Kubrick thing for your jogging scene? :rofl:

    but seriously. aren't there people dying out there somewhere or something? is this really something the BBC need spend time and money on reporting? maybe I'll call them next time I catch my cat running after a laser pointer on my cellphone camera ... actually I'll sell the footage to CNN first; they'll probably make it the cover story of the week. dar-fu-who?
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