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Ghost pictures

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    My girlfriend and I at the time took some photos at a know haunted spot back in 2008. Two pictures developed where you could see two obvious distinct ghost images in a rear view mirror and a backseat window. These photos were definitely not manipulated in any form. As years went it on and I immersed myself in physics theories, it always fascinated me to think maybe somehow this could be tied with capturing light. It seems as if all ghostly known images are roughly from the 19th and early 20th century. We never see any images of colonial settlers, Indians, Vikings, pilgrims, Egyptians, or anything relative to a time more than 200 years ago. Obviously some haunted places are said to be possessed by things older than this but I'm more connecting images by cameras. The first known photograph was taken around 1826, with this being said can we somehow link past photos taken with images being brought back? Maybe somehow and older pic was taken in that exact location which linked future picture taken at that location. Is there any known physics that could back this up or should i take another path in thinking about the topic? Ideas you guys have thought about would be interesting as well!
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    Can you show us your picture?
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    Rear view mirror blown up
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    Just to note photo taken from backseat, three people in back that face is above where I was sitting and I was a 18. Obviously not my reflection. It got in our local newspaper.
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    I'm disappointed that this has gathered no responses, I praise this site to friends all the time.
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    One possible explanation could be a reflection off of a magazine laying down on the space below the rear view mirror. The mirror views the rear view mirror which in turn acts as a mirror reflecting what's below it.

    It does look eerily though like someone peeking into your car.

    Was a flash used to take the picture?
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    Thank you for the response, very good hypothesis but not good for this scenario seeing that i know the car and what was in it. Yes flash was used, it was after midnight. This picture freaked some in the car so much, they that tried to pin it to someone altering it. This is the original though from my girlfriends camera.
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    rear view mirrors tend to have multiple reflecting surfaces, too, so that you can switch surfaces when someone's lights are too bright. In the right lighting, you can see reflections off both surfaces simultaneously.
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    We had a funny reflection in our car during the day. While driving westward down the highway with the sun at about 1 o'clock behind us. The sunlight would come thru the front windshield, hit the bottom of the slanted instrument panel glass and then bounce back up to the front windshield and then reflect right into the eye of the driver.

    It was quite blinding and other drivers complained about it to Toyota but they didn't do anything about it. I would always plop a cloth down on the instrument panel glass to stop the reflection when it happened once I figured it out.

    Poor car engineering on Toyota's part as they tried to make the front panel cool by making it have a wavy design in it which exposed the instrument panel to sunlight at certain times of the day and in certain directions.
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    It still would not explain the image produced, abandoned wood area/small southern town. Nothing in or outside of this car could possibly reproduce that image.
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