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Ghost story

  1. Jan 28, 2007 #1
    [sorry if this has been asked before, but this is a question i've been asking people]

    Ok, now just about every one at one point has heard about a "ghost". And lately I have been thinking to myself that I have been seeing them around the house, because when i come out of a room, and i pass another room, i see a quick moving shadow like mist, floating at a high speed..and as a lot of people would think, the first thing that comes to their mind is.."Oh my god, my house is fu**ing haunted!!!" and freak out and the whole nine yards.

    Now I have been thinking about this lately, and we bought my house while it was still being built, so that rules out past owners living here, and i dont know much about the land, but it is in Georgia, so Indians might of lived here (lol). But i have been wondering on what ghost really are. Maybe they're just part of an old campfire story that people used to tell, and then people started using it as a explanation for all these strange sights, maybe its just has something to do with the blood flow to our eyes (or something like that). orrrrrrrrrr lol, maybe they are just beings from a parallel universe, some how seeming to get through. I often wonder, if they are part of a parallel universe, if some times me walking up the stairs, and turning on a light is going through to another P.U. and freaking them out as well lol.

    But i would like to know whats yalls thoughts are on the subject =]

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    Your house must have been built on an old Indian graveyard. :wink:
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    lol maybe, but the funny thing is..that when i see it, its around the computer..lol..its checking its email...haha go go ghostmail.com!
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    Yes, it may be checking its e-mail, or perhaps visiting 'dirty' sites. :biggrin:

    Maybe it wanted to be a computer scientist during its life? :tongue:
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    hahaha, 'oh yes!!! fly through that wall! it makes me hot!!!' hahaha what the hellllll lol..

    but that is possible..but, i didnt know indians had computers? lol..well anything that they could mix up a LCD monitor up with lol
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    lol, its possible..i may have to do research on that...i just need to know where to start looking! lol..one of my teachers lives in the neighborhood next to mine, maybe i'll ask her tomorrow if she knows anything about it..lol..well..i dont know how long shes been here, because she was born in India..but you never know eh? lol
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    I wouldn't mention the ghost porn to her.
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    hahahaha...crap..i was planning on doing that too!!! haha jk jk jk
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    Amof, I wouldn't mention anything to her, specially not the Indian story. She might think you think Indians are from India, considering the whole ghost story before. :biggrin:
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