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Ghostbusters 2016

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    Just watched Ghostbusters yesterday. Quite entertaining. Let's say there would be a creative toy model making workshop for physicists to come up with the most brilliant theory to explain ghosts (in brane worlds where ghosts exist).. what would they be.. perhaps dark matter entities? higgs field intelligence? E8xE8 shadow universe? ionic plasma dynamics? what?

    Also whatever it is, it should be less fantastic than imagining Big Bang. But how come physicists tremble at the mention of ghosts (and mentors heartbeats skip beats) and demanding peer review papers when no one amongst them even want to investigate (or initiate it) and already heavily biased against its favor. Lee Smolin said the key to the final theory is experimental guidance and not mathematical theology (like M-theory). Won't stuff like this be just the experiment guidance to nail the final theory?

    This is why perimeter institute physicists must have creative workshops for all possibilities. Isn't it weirdness or not is not the criteria for truth?
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    jim mcnamara

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    I think the above graph came from xkcd, correct? Sometimes you can find answers to questions asked on PF in the xkcd comic.
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    Yes it is an XKCD comic.
    XKCD holds the answers to all life's questions :)

    I edited my previous post to include the proper link to the comic (which I should've done in the first place)
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