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Ghosts: a hole to the past

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    I have read recently i cant find the site now but, some one suggested that when ghosts apear that you are seeing into the past. It went on to exsplain many occurances when these things happen like why the tempture drops is because energry is taken from an area surrounding the "ghost" and the little orb is the collected energy and then when that is given time to collect light from the past is projected into our present and if the "portal" is strong enough the energy from the past can act on objects in the prestent. It dident exspaling why it only happends in "tramatic deaths" or why there are huge emffluctations.

    This makes some sense to me put i dont know much about physics but i would like to know if any of this makes sense
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    I've thought about this too, esp. after seeing the movie "The Others", (it was good). However, it seems to me that in the cases where ghosts react to your presence, it would mean that they must be getting info about you in the past, ie seeing you. But I'm not aware of this ever happening vice versa, where we see people from the future and they see us in their time as being from the past, which I feel puts the whole idea to rest. Kinda like proving time travel isn't possible because we never meet anyone form the future, though you'd think that they'd try their best not to be noticed.
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