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Ghosts and the Many Worlds

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    Hi everyone

    I'm new here--a first year penn state undergrad--and the extent of what i know is the popularizations of quantum physics, so i might be a little off base, and I know that what i'm about to ask is borderline unscientific, but here goes

    Everett wrote his theory of the many-worlds without any mention of a physical world split, but rather on the lines of decoherence, with people only being able to pick up on certain frequencies. So, all around us, there are tons of different worlds existing, full of people, that we cannot interact with because they have been hit out of phase from us.

    I've also done some research on the paranormal, and assuming that ghosts do indeed exist (PLEASE do not come on here and complain about how ghosts scientifically cannot exist), and that Everett's theory is right, would it be possible for ghosts to be some people between phases? Maybe someone was knocked out of phase with their world, and only partly appears in ours...would this be consistent with Everett's theory?

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    Please don't go off into wild speculation which is against the rules here.

    No offense, but first learn about quantum theory, and why Everett proposed the many-worlds interpretation of it and so on (and what problems it tries to solve, and what difficulties it faces) ; compare it to other interpretations, and make up your mind.

    But refrain from ghost stories - I know it is tempting when one only has popular science books as a starting point. It leads nowhere on a scientific level.
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