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GhostSurf just marketing fluff?

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    ... and others like it.

    Does any PF member have experience with this (that they'd be willing to share)?

    The write-ups and reviews lead me to think it could be a nice thing ... for someone like me who really, really likes their privacy. But is it just marketing fluff? Could I do the same thing within XP (+NAT on my router + Firefox + ...)?
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    I went to their website and this looks bogus to me. All it looks like it is doing is cleaning up your cookies, etc with one of those utilities that write over and over the same piece of data like the government does. If you want true security look at what the hackers do. They take over unsuspected peoples' computers and setup an encrypted proxy network. Once you have enough computers it is very hard the track you down. Don't even use your own internet connection, hijack some wireless connection. And finally, use an ecrypted loopback device, which linux provides.

    So unless your dealing with an international cartel, I don't think you should be worried that much. NAT+Firefox is just fine. You can even put a software firewall on your own computer for extra protection. I do this because it is easier to mantain ports open based on which operating system i'm working with.
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